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Snipette Bits and pieces about anything and everything. Usual topics from unusual perspectives. Information you can understand. We explain things in a storytelling style. Want to write for us? We’re looking for authors so check the homepage for details! 516
Lists of Doom Welcome to Lists of Doom; the Ultimate Listicle Publication. At Lists of Doom we know all listicles are 100% bullshit. Our listicles are just as dumb, meaningless, and inaccurate as any other listicle you will find online. However, we try to make our listicles funny. 63
GOAT Humour Angela Volkov’s humour and satire all in one place 45
JUST Media UK News and Politics 43
The Authentic Eclectic Lost in three continents; observations on everything from humour to relationships to the paranormal. For those of us who have been “there and back again”. 40
The Small Dark Light Philosophy, spirituality, music, surreal stories, weird humour 24
The Bacon Beacon This is a teaser page for, leading satire magazine for people who know. Imagine if The Onion and Vogue had a baby. Aw! 20
The Humo(u)r Mill Comedy from the flippant fingers of people who think they’re funnier than you 15
Changing Perspective Navigating midlife with a chronic illness, an exploding libido and a changing perspective. This is not your everyday midlife crisis. 14
Indian in England Notes from the diary of Chindu Sreedharan 10
C U LTR Magazine Modernity through a thin veil of irreverence 7
The Winding Trail Travel stories from around the world, sometimes serious, often funny, always a good read. 6
Dada & Zach A personal journey of making mistakes as a parent 6
Miss T’s No-Bull Approach to Writing Creative Nonfiction, Memoir and Blogposts Miss T has a no-nonsense — aka no-bull! — approach to writing. 5
With no explanation My most personal work is here: Pushing its way onto the paper, or resisting my efforts to bring it out, or molding my idea into a new shape. Uppity words with their own plans, and no explanation. 3