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ProductPlus Product Management — The Correct Way 0
It’s Not Magic This weekly newsletter aims to demonstrate one simple thing: you don’t need to be a math whiz to get some useful insights. All you need is a question and some determination. 0
Entrepreneur Stories A platform where we bring the best impact voices together to share innovation 0
Earthack Earthack was founded in Anthropocene Epoch, it is a group of several geology students which interested to discuss the application and development of artificial intelligence for better exploration & geological disaster mitigation. 0
Geohack Geohack is a group of people who have a goals to collaborate between Geology (Earth Science) and Data Science. 0
stunandawe Stories Business Strategy & Design 0
Venture Off The Beaten Path We discuss all-things startup funding, shedding light on different funding methods and how venture funding is evolving. 0
Creative Talks Sharing learnings on devops, mobile/web dev gathered while creating modern tech companies. 0
Tech Heiress For all the women in technology, who are working their ways to contribute and make it better. We all are “Tech Heiress”. 0
The Young Startup A publication by Thomas Schoffelen, with learnings about branding, strategy and working in teams. 0
MEET la PRENSA MEET la PRENSA is an interview show co-created, co-produced, and co-hosted by Ivan Elias in Boston and Pablo Manriquez in Washington, D.C. 0
My Journey to the Cloud There are two types of experts, those who are studying it for the last 25 years and those who are studying for the last 25 minutes. There is a fire in the newbies. When you just learn a cool information you get excited to tell to the next person. 0
Debuzzify Entrepreneurs are individuals who help the world advance profitably. We help the world advance by inspiring entrepreneurs. 0
Philosophy of Entrepreneurship Startups, Product, Engineering, User Experience, Management and everything in between. 0
Replay We’ll add this later 0