Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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For What It’s Worth For What It’s Worth by Daniel Fogg — Building Bold Tech Companies in the UK 0
WhizeCo Whize is a private by default search engine that keeps results more relevant through custom ranking methods and curated indexes. Check us out on twitter @WhizeCo or at the site 0
ProductPlus Product Management — The Correct Way 0
It’s Not Magic This weekly newsletter aims to demonstrate one simple thing: you don’t need to be a math whiz to get some useful insights. All you need is a question and some determination. 0
Entrepreneur Stories A platform where we bring the best impact voices together to share innovation 0
stunandawe Stories Business Strategy & Design 0
Earthack Earthack was founded in Anthropocene Epoch, it is a group of several geology students which interested to discuss the application and development of artificial intelligence for better exploration & geological disaster mitigation. 0
Geohack Geohack is a group of people who have a goals to collaborate between Geology (Earth Science) and Data Science. 0
Venture Off The Beaten Path We discuss all-things startup funding, shedding light on different funding methods and how venture funding is evolving. 0
Creative Talks Sharing learnings on devops, mobile/web dev gathered while creating modern tech companies. 0
Tech Heiress For all the women in technology, who are working their ways to contribute and make it better. We all are “Tech Heiress”. 0
The Young Startup A publication by Thomas Schoffelen, with learnings about branding, strategy and working in teams. 0
MEET la PRENSA MEET la PRENSA is an interview show co-created, co-produced, and co-hosted by Ivan Elias in Boston and Pablo Manriquez in Washington, D.C. 0
Debuzzify Entrepreneurs are individuals who help the world advance profitably. We help the world advance by inspiring entrepreneurs. 0
Philosophy of Entrepreneurship Startups, Product, Engineering, User Experience, Management and everything in between. 0