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Tincture Translating 'fortress medicine' into plain english. A digital town square for ideas & new perspectives. Open-source Thoughtware. Accessible. Important. Exciting. Trying hard to remember the future. 6,416
Datavant Company blog focused on health data, health technology, and the evolution of privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, etc.) 232
Leo Innovation Lab Technology is changing the fabric of healthcare. We’re sharing insights into how. We’re innovating to improve the lives of people living with chronic skin conditions — not with medical treatments but through digital solutions. 115
The Agile Monkeys’ Journey We write about what we learn and what we think. 115
Whose health is it anyway? Carium helps healthcare organizations deliver outcomes-oriented, patient-centered care by supporting and empowering people along their unique life journeys. 33
Blockchain Healthcare Review The Premier Global Community For Blockchain and the Future of Healthcare 26
Cogniss Magazine We live at the swirling intersection of neuroscience, psychology, learning, behavior change and tech. 24
Medical CPS Research, ideas, knowledge about medical cyber-physical systems 4