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Jordan L. Shlain MD

Purveyor of subtleties in the science of medicine. Inspired by phenomena. Ideas are fuel.

Naveen Rao

Writer, Creator, Thinker. Pursuing a vision of better healthcare.

John Battelle

A Founder of NewCo, Federated Media, sovrn Holdings, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on Media, Technology, Culture, Business

Kim Bellard

Editor at Tincture. Always curious, always ready to challenge the status quo, in health care & elsewhere, especially via innovation & technology.

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16, Sophomore, All-In

“If you were playing with the team for football or whatever and then they come you come in the next practice and half of your team is…

Designing An Inclusive Future and Evolving Power Dynamics

Vanessa Mason is the research director for Institute for The Future’s (IFTF) Future 50 Partnership, a network of future-smart…

Patients, Health Consumers, People, Citizens: Who Are We In America?

“Patients as Consumers” is the theme of the Health Affairs issue for March 2019. Research published in this trustworthy health policy…

Let’s Just Stay In

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating series on “The Delivery Wars,” which I’ll get to shortly, but what makes me most interested in…

A Wall

Somethings Can Never Be Prepared For

Prelude to #SXSW19 — It’s About Outcomes, Stupid

The means of creativity are endless. It’s new ends that are in short supply.

WeWork Our Way to Health

Maybe you don’t work in a WeWork office setting. Maybe you haven’t ever visited one. Maybe you haven’t even heard of WeWork. In that case…

Citizen Participation in Rare Disease Research. It’s Rare.

In the United States, a rare disease is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people. There may be as many as 7,000 rare…

Selling “Better”- Life Science’s Essential Pivot

Reflecting on the Senate Finance Hearing on Drug Pricing

The Truth About “Natural” Ingredients, And Why I Don’t Recommend Them

When you see the word “natural” on product labels, you might automatically think “healthy.”


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