Publications tagged `PRIVACY`
Name Followers
Decentralize.Today Your Daily Dose of Decentralization 16,981
Enigma Official Blog of Enigma - Securing the Decentralized Web. 5,466
Mainframe . Official blog Mainframe OS makes it easy to use and build decentralized applications. Resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption — developers and users alike enjoy full control and freedom from any third party interference. 2,692
Datafund Datafund blog 1,097
BEAM-MW Discover BEAM, a Mimblewimble Implementation focused on privacy, scalability and optin auditability. 1,007
Independent Security Evaluators Independent Security Evaluators, a firm of security specialists that provide a wide range of services including custom security assessments and software development. ISE also runs IoT Village, which hosts talks by expert security researchers and hacking contests. 747
Search Encrypt The Privacy-Based Search Engine 734
BIGtoken The blockchain platform for consumers to own, verify, and sell their data. 490
Greater Than Experience Design Insights on the intersection of data ethics, privacy and design from the team at 304
Hub of All Things A technology company bringing about the future of personal data. Change the Internet. 239
DigiPrivacy Stories about Privacy in the Digital Age 213
Fair Data Society FDS is a non-profit initiative and a decentralised altruistic community (DAC) that is focused on shaping a society of data that recognises online privacy as basic human right and a basis for progress for all. Website: 193
Datavant Company blog focused on health data, health technology, and the evolution of privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, etc.) 142
Of The Nerds Thoughtful technology content, because why not? 123
#PrivacyMatters A look at personal data protection & privacy in the enterprise. 108