Publications tagged `DESIGN`
Name Followers
Two Tale Tellers Articles on how to use words and images to tell stories. También en Español. 9
pennypang-life A reflection of what goes on in my daily routine 8
Designing in Sunlight Designing in Sunlight publishes creative stories and critical essays that imagine and explore human futures powered by clean energy transitions. 8
Urban Minds ​We are creating new ways for youth to participate in city building. 8
Side by Side: Together Made Possible A community of thought leaders exploring topics that are redefining the way we work. 8
Artful Design Reflections on design as the intentional shaping of technology—and its effect on society and the individual, drawing from Ge Wang’s ARTFUL DESIGN, a photo-comic book about what it means to design, design well, and design ethically. 8
ALL-ART: Art for All and All for Art Art inspires, entertains, challenges, and delights. Reflections on the subject of art, artists, and art-lovers. 8
VOIDBREAK An online publication dedicated to the best in technology, design & the pursuit of human progress 8
Freshmade Journal Brand and Packaging Insights for The New Food Revolution 8
NerdVolume A Publication about Technology, Design, Gaming, and Pop Culture 8
SCAD Flux Submit your articles here Articles, case studies, and think-pieces from FLUX, the User Experience Design club at SCAD. For more about us, visit 8
yamaneco yamaneco Agile and Design. Working in Tokyo, Japan to help build happy teams. 8
Design Brigade Design Brigade is a project to connect design students to new spatial problems that have emerged in the era of COVID-19. 8
Architects for Change Architects for Change is a youth-led organization, founded in 2014 and based in Beirut. 7
HTEC Group We are a center of innovation and software development. 7