Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Unsplash Blog Behind the scenes building the open photography movement at Unsplash. 26,943
The Design Team Comics about a design team for a tech startup in Silicon Valley. 26,246
Salesforce Design A collection of stories, case studies, and ideas from Salesforce design teams 25,896
Mybridge for Professionals Read more and achieve more 25,068
UX Collective 🇧🇷 We believe designers are thinkers as much as they are makers. Artigos de UX & Product Design. 24,846 Get your daily fill of UX design, user research, user experience strategy, interaction design, and design thinking stories. Curated by Nicholas Tenhue. Remember to press the Follow button! ( 24,026
Dropbox Design We believe joy is the engine that powers the best ideas. We’re designing a more enlightened of working, so you can love the way you work. More on 23,640
maps for developers the official Mapbox blog 22,698
Code for America Blog Writing and thinking about government that works for people, by people, in the 21st century. 22,206 Stories from Medium’s design team 20,959
Built to Adapt How software is changing the way society and businesses are built. 20,677
Agile Insider Exclusive and practical insights that enable the agile community to succeed. 20,570
Airbnb Design We’re a cross-disciplinary group of designers, researchers, writers, filmmakers, architects, photographers and more. This collection takes you behind the scenes of our work. Visit for more information about our design culture, inspiration, work and community events. 20,228
Building The Atlantic Stories from The Atlantic's design, engineering, and product team. 19,974
Figma Design The collaborative interface design tool. 19,931