Publications tagged `DESIGN`
Name Followers
VOIDBREAK An online publication dedicated to the best in technology, design & the pursuit of human progress 8
NerdVolume A Publication about Technology, Design, Gaming, and Pop Culture 8
SCAD Flux Submit your articles here Articles, case studies, and think-pieces from FLUX, the User Experience Design club at SCAD. For more about us, visit 8
Design Brigade Design Brigade is a project to connect design students to new spatial problems that have emerged in the era of COVID-19. 8
Weeronline Modern web and mobile development 8
voices-ux With over one million members, Voices is the largest marketplace for audio and voice over products and services in the world. 8
Architects for Change Architects for Change is a youth-led organization, founded in 2014 and based in Beirut. 7
HTEC Group We are a center of innovation and software development. 7
17seconds We believe that great people and companies thrive in the face of evolution. We help great companies transform their products, services, and businesses utilizing the power of lean product development, strategic design and collaboration. 7
Better by Design Defining Experiences, Defining Brands. 7
on design by design Creative outlet on design, UI/UX and side-projects, as told by Peter Urfer. 7
UX Portfolio case studies involving user research, product design and design in general 7
nCino Design The nCino product design team is committed to creating delightful experiences for their customers. Through research, testing, and design thinking — the worldwide leader in cloud banking is a design powerhouse. 7
Ayzoh Magazine A visual diary of a journey across the full spectrum of human emotion 6
Amri Blog A weekly newsletter exploring Good Design. 6