Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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Cultivati Researching the food supply (block)chain 50
Sipios Sipios conceives and develops tailored products in record time that shape tomorrow’s financial industry. We take on our clients’ most exciting technical and business challenges which we share in our publications. 46
nanopay Sharing news, insights and a fresh perspective on the future of money 46
Flex Dapps Putting the OC in Blockchain 45
FPGA Mining Your guide to FPGA Cryptocurrency Mining 45
GardenerOracle The first free opensource oracle protocol connecting external data to blockchain applications 45
Blog | is a fully compliant digital asset marketplace built on blockchain technology that serves as a distribution and investment platform for private equity, venture capital, co-investments, direct deals and real estate financial products. 45
CPUBLIC We provide news and research related to smart-ledger technology and cryptocurrency. Our mission is to integrate blockchain into industries all around the world. 44
elbstack elbstack is a software engineering & design company. We question, we advise, and we’re excited to help your next project to succeed. 44
BidiPass The secure, easy-to-use ID verification solution that the whole digital economy has been waiting for. 43
Lethean Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution. 43
Atlas City Atlas City is the team building Catalyst Network, a distributed network that works in the real world. 43
Health Wizz Health Wizz is a mobile application for individuals to aggregate, organize, and share their medical records on a blockchain. Use Health Wizz to securely manage all your health data from wearables, Electronic Health Records Systems (EHRs), Doctors and Medical Labs. 42
INDUSTRIA Blockchain for the Enterprise 42
LINIX Foundation The New Paradigm 41