Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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elbstack elbstack is a software engineering & design company. We question, we advise, and we’re excited to help your next project to succeed. 38
GBIC GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is a multi-strategy crypto fund with offices in New York, Shanghai and Seoul 38
PISA Research State channel and watching service research 35
BidiPass The secure, easy-to-use ID verification solution that the whole digital economy has been waiting for. 35
AREX Blockchain Real Estate Building the revolution of the Real Estate markets from the foundations 34
at par blog a blog about at par and blockchain finance 34
Cultivati Researching the food supply (block)chain 32
AlumnAI Academy Providing ingenious learning experiences on Emerging Technologies, to produce elite talent at scale. 31
openberry Anyone using openberry can become a blockchain engineer 30
Blockchains: An Informal Deep Dive A blog by Zain Admani that documents my deep dive into the technical working and evolution of blockchain technology and distributed systems in general. The goal is to document my findings in the order to help others understand the technology and how we got to where we are. 29
Expload A Development and Digital Distribution Platform for Decentralised Games 29
Mineful Mineful is an alternative monetization platform that allows software developers to offer their users the option to pay with their spare computing power. Check out our latest application for Fortnite users at 26 is a platform that allows companies to connect and manage autonomous systems using blockchain and other decentralized technologies. 26
Blue Bear Digital Inc. Thoughts on Software Architecture, Business, and Blockchain 25
Watson Law A law firm's take on new technologies. 25