Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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Flexper Flexper is a digital service platform supporting ambitious startups and SMBs • On demand R&D teams • Innovation • 17
Greyscail Blockchain Review Research, Case-studies, Analytics and Reviews for the future of emerging technologies, communities, and ideas, with a particular focus on blockchain and other similar technology. 16
BatMine BatMine combines cheap 🌱green⚡energy with the latest newly developed miners using up to 55 TH/s hashpower (cca 3x as fast as the antminer s9). We offer legally compliant contractual profit sharing of 30% over all companies’ earnings for a period of 10 years, distributed monthly. 16
nodle Nodle​ is a decentralized network provider specializing in detecting and connecting the internet of things (IoT). The Nodle Network is simple, dense (5m+ active nodes, 92M+ detected devices), global (70+ countries) and uses existing hardware. 16
kriptio Kript is a mobile application to invest in crypto assets. Kript simplifies the process of buying and selling and helps create a balanced portfolio 16
Learning Economy Dedicated to solving the global skills gap. 16
ppio We’re decentralized storage & delivery platform for developers who value speed, affordability, & privacy. Here is a collection of our writings on our technology and the movers and shakers in the blockchain industry. 16
betterplace lab betterplace lab is a digital-social think and do tank. We do research where innovation and the common good meet. We spread knowledge, inspire through stories and strive for a digitisation that benefits humanity. 15
Trading Basics Teaching you how to trade smarter & employ discipline with risk management. 15
KompiTech KompiTech Blog 15
The Decentral Crypto Currency, Decentralization & Blockchain News 15
CoinDNA CoinDNA is an educational website to aid traders in their investment journey in the blockchain industry. 15
Worldview Exchange Connect with the news and the people around you. 15
BitzNetwork Latest news and announcements about Bitz 14
INVAO The digital asset pool to outperform the market 14