Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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Adjoint We’ve created Uplink to simplify and control enterprise processes — enforcing secure risk management workflows. 9
Amalgam A decentralized, community-driven magazine for writers who are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, grassroots initiatives, cooperativism, decentralization, emerging technologies, and the power of ideas 9
Curated Cube Blockchain & Crypto Content 9
ArtificialCiti Artificial Citi LLC is a social enterprise startup solving quality of life issues faced by our cities. 9
DecenTalk CryptoBlog 9
Australasian Blockchain Music Association An association which sets out to drive the agenda of the emerging technology of Blockchain and its applicability to Music in the Australasian Region 9
The Stockade Building the future of security tokens on solid foundations. 9
Climate Futures Climate Futures unites the power of blockchain & carbon markets to advance global climate solutions. 8
Truncated Knowledge Made Simple. A look at everything from emerging technology to startups and token economies. Website coming soon. 8
Betoken All Things Blockchain and Web 3 8
Activeledger Activeledger is a proprietary private blockchain network that provides enterprise solutions for the wider supply chain sector. 7
TheBigGame Gaming is about to reach a new level of simplicity, security, enjoyment, and transparency, along with the rise of the Global Lottery — one of the first global blockchain-based use cases. 7
Tide Foundation Official voice of the Tide Foundation, covering the Tide Protocol — the infrastructure for the global Personal Data Economy. 6
Holland Park Media Creating technological solutions for the future of art. 6
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology A collection of articles about the technical aspects of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, as well as some educated reflections on how Blockchain Technology will impact the many domains of our society. 6