Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
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KCL Blockchain Blockchain Content from King's College London Students Blockchain Society 12
EthexBet Fair and fun crypto ETH Lottery! is truly reliable and decentralized gambling game. Guess the symbols of a real, upcoming Ethereum block hash and win the jackpot! 12 is one-stop-shop to DApp development and use 11
Universe Labs Universe is a decentralized login and decentralized private key recovery protocol. 11
Powershare Crowdfunding platform, which turns your idle CPU power into social Impact. By harnessing the power of public computing, Powershare not only helps those in need of financial support, but also scientific research projects in need of enormous computational resource. 11
CML Team CML Team blog 11
Improve-in News and thoughts from a team in a Dev Shop specialized in FinTech solutions 11
CoinCentral Staff Picks Curated editorials from the friendly decentralized CoinCentral journalists. 11
Curated Cube Blockchain & Crypto Content 11
Cointraffic 🔈Cointraffic: The loudspeaker for the crypto community. 11
Next Decentrum The Blockchain and Decentralized Innovation Mind Meld 11 Cryptal EOS builds the Decentralized Applications of the future, integrating Blockchain properties of decentralization & Democracy to improve the effectiveness of industry specific operations 10
ArtificialCiti Artificial Citi LLC is a social enterprise startup solving quality of life issues faced by our cities. 10
Lisk Discovery Lisk Discovery gives the community the ability to discover, interact and help projects which were otherwise lost. 10
Adjoint We’ve created Uplink to simplify and control enterprise processes — enforcing secure risk management workflows. 9