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Name Followers Samādhi is state of meditative consciousness. In samādhi the mind becomes still. It is a state of being totally aware of the present moment. is a network of people and websites all across the world that help you stay on the path towards the samādhi state. 1,266
Cambium How to free your mind and live your best life. Practical advice on productivity, mindfulness & meditation, self-improvement, and nootropics. 1,026
Mindful Muse Living in the Moment 946
Tranquillity’s Secret The Heroic Path to Great Responsiveness and Complete Enlightenment Using Sound 292
The Consciousness Column An ecosystem of writers exploring consciousness & culture. 176
The Yoga Narrative A yogi’s paradise for stories about yoga and meditation. 133
Happiness In Training Tips for Practicing Happy 102
The Graye Matter Blog Insights from the Medigraytion team on the science of consciousness, neuropsychology, anatomy & physiology and how they connect to create our personal and collective reality. Edited by Laura Graye 45
The Mindful Kind Simple guides to living mindfully, managing stress, and engaging in self-care 41
Liberation Notes A blog and weekly newsletter on meditation practice. Sign up at 37
Finding the New Fifty Are you fifty and feeling old? Well, you’re not that old by today’s standards. Finding the New Fifty is a curated publication sharing the things we think about as we age. (Hopefully, it’s gracefully!) Want to write for us? Email us your Medium profile address! 32
Atlantis Esoterica Esoteric & Spiritual Topics: UFOs, Meditation, Ancient Aliens, Psychic, Consciousness 26
Daily Life Lessons and Meditations Daily lessons and meditation insights that help me remember how to live my best life. Hopefully this helps others too. I often forget things that help me stay calm and grounded. These articles will help remind me. If you find this helpful too, then follow along! 19
Mindful Life Perspectives and information on spirituality, holistic health, mindfulness, and life in general. 18
Siggu Writing about a deep dive into Vipassana meditation 16