Publications tagged `PHOTOGRAPHY`
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California State Library Foundation Bulletin Articles and Insights about the California State Library Collections 1
tinamgonzales44 Freelance Remote Resume Writer | Future Microcontroller Engineer | Photographer | Academic | Arduino Enthusiast | Gamer 1
The Wealderness Adventure highlights from a life spent outside — submit your writing, share your adventure, enjoy the ride 1
Dog Is Us Observations on life from the mouth of dogs. 1
The Other 5%: Explorations in Photography The Other 5% is an exploration into photographs and the stories behind them. The 5% is in regards to a quote by photographer Neal Preston regarding how photography is “95% instinctual.” This publication seeks to explore what makes the other 5%. 1
mark ali / photographs This publication examines photographs, with stories, photography tips, and potentially humorous observations. 1
Charlie Moss Writer & Photographer 0
DLKR Phone Snaps Edited Without Photoshop 0
CameraForensics Our technology indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas, in an effort to guide investigators in the retrieval of vital intelligence. 0
Have More Fun Adventures on bikes and photos from around the world. 0
True Nonsense On Politics, Films and Photography 0
Jameses Tech Reviews Help you see tech in a nerdy way 0
Muse Factory Magazine A place to celebrate and encourage creative work. 0
The Writing Pool A place where a writer plays with words and sentences infinitely. The readers get into the pool of blogging, photography, business, freelance and writing stuff which are already marinated with writer’s expression and word skills as well. 0
Photo Essays A publication for those interested in stories told through photos. If you want to participate simply comment that or leave a note. It’s for everyone. 0