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DSR Ghostwriting DSR Ghostwriting specializes in providing long-form thought leadership writing services to B2B technology and public affairs clients. Pieces here cover freelancing, ghostwriting, and using writing to build influence and personal brand awareness. 1
Writing Smarter Fiction Writing Tips for Beginners 1
Words for Writers If you’re a writer struggling with lousy habits, a ruthless inner critic, lack of time, or fear of starting/finishing/others reading your work/failure/etc., this is your place. Words for Writers offers tools, advice, & support to help you around, over and through those barriers! 1
To Whom It May Concern Things that go wrong, right, and everything in between. 0
Rogue Sagan Exploring, reviewing, and discussing all that movies offer — a trip at a time. 0
Paris: Mode d’emploi Avoiding clichés in a place I like to call the “City of Lights” 0
Young Spurs The Young Spurs, a partnership between University of North Texas’ Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference has teamed up with the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and Biographers International, is a writing contest aims to offer high school and community college writers 0
Stories of Bedlam Incredible stories about everything 0
Writer in the Works Posts documenting my journey to becoming a fulltime writer. Earnings, strategies, wins, and fails all included. 0
StoryStruck Let’s tell better stories and tell stories better. 0
The Consequences of Ideas This publication hosts work that describes the logical result of any idea or ideology. 0
Let’s Write A publication about writing for the writing community, covering books, freelance, self-publishing and more. 0
Regina Lankenau | Blog Personal blog documenting my thoughts, experiences, and travels 0
Wizards Bookshelf Where the Wizards write about writing and share their stories. 0