Publications tagged `WRITING`
Name Followers
My Writer’s Life Living Life on Your Own Terms is Weird 4
The Lark The Lark shares fictional short stories and poetry 4
Save as Draft Writing about my writing process. 4
The Consequences of Ideas This publication hosts work that describes the logical result of any idea or ideology. 4
The Newbie Novelist Lessons of a first timer. 4
Writers Daily Sharing information about writing, social media, and anything writing-related. 4
Bookish and Particular Stories, Essays, and Other Writings by Michael A. Van Kerckhove 4
The Academy of You Learning in the 21st Century 4
Paper Hearts From notes on crafts to tips on publishing, from an NY Times bestselling novelist with a variety of experience from querying agents, publishing traditionally and self, and developing courses at all levels for writers. Authors who would like to submit to this publication may email 4
The Avid Writer Inspirational Writings for Avid Readers And Writers 4
alittlescripted What makes a good screenplay, how to write one, enjoying it in its final form and all that comes between 4
Blog Differently Crappy blogs are turning the web into a flaming dumpster fire. It’s time we starting blogging for the good of everyone, instead of using it as a way to trick people into lining our pockets. There is a way to add value to others and still make money. Let’s find out how! 4
The Wordsmith Haven A collection of Jonah’s writings including a variety of articles, short stories, and poems. 3
The Quirky Bird Writing quirky words in a quirky world in all their quirky forms. 3
The Analog Perspective Analog approach to problems in a digital world. Reclaim your life and freedom. 3