Publications tagged `WRITING`
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Ideas at Work A publication to share ideas about life, work, success and self-improvement 0
The Fem Word The Fem Word is a global platform that tells, amplifies, and celebrates the stories of powerful women who are changing the world. Everyone has a story to tell — so, what’s yours? 0
Environmental Action A production of members of the University of Texas at Austin’s Rhetoric of Environmental Action course. 0
Lore and Ink A new publication for the storytellers of the future: writing tips, literary analysis and useful resources. 0
YJ Reads Stories about writing, books, films, shows, Asian identity, queer identity, and anything else on my mind. 0
Thinkpiece Magazine Thinkpiece is a magazine of thoughtful short nonfiction 0
Light Inside Thoughts about feelings; feelings about thoughts. 0
Kosarek Kosarek publishes reviews of anything that requires more attention — art, literature, tech, media, my neighbor’s black cat who lies in the window staring out with its gold eyes all wide. 0
Learn Storycraft A warm home for storytellers looking for somewhere to elevate their storytelling ability. Perfect for novelists, screenwriters, filmmakers, and anyone in the business of telling stories. 0