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Indeedly Gaming — Tech — Gear 0
SlashArcade The future of play. Games, streaming, AR, platforms, hardware. 0 Cinephilosopher is a one-man blog that covers movies, games, and life. If you enjoy reading my stuff, do check out my website ( and follow me on social media to get notified of new posts. 0
bitsbytesandme My tech journey about the things I have learned, will learn and I unlearned. 0
The Virtual Register TVR covers all the wacky, outside-the-box adventures people have in digital worlds, big and small, across the globe. 0
Once Upon the Weird Welcome, weirdlings. Let’s talk horror and weird movies, shows, games, and lore. 0
Paper-Thin Gaming Paper-Thin Gaming is a publication dedicated to shining a positive light on games, creators, and the gaming industry. 0
Life According to Max My name is Max Wilde and I’m a trained historian! Here you will find a collection of stories about my main passions: History, Gaming & Technology, Movies & Books, and Education! Check out my website — 0
LaunchCannon LaunchCannon is a 100% independent online magazine bringing reviews & coverage of the best games on console & mobile. To stay updated follow LaunchCannon on Twitter, Instagram YouTube & Twitch @LaunchCannon Youtube link: 0