Publications tagged `GAMING`
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Community Economics by Forte Business models that give ownership to all participants, and reward developers, players and publishers for the contributions they make to the health of the game communities. 28
The Geek Writer Oren Cohen’s Blog presence on Medium. Some articles are exclusive to the blog, but most appear also here. This publication is also home to pieces from Oren’s FB Group — Medium Dreamers — and other wonderful writers too. 21
definitelyliliput A thought dump on art, gaming, and psychology. 19
Humans Are the Artificial Intelligence of Plants Notes on the Earth Guardians journey (makers of QuestaGame), and what we’re learning, from one of its co-founders 19
Teknik Science, Tech, and Humor for all! 19
Vista Magazine An online videogame publication focused on highlighting underrepresented indie voices and non-traditional game mechanics. 18
Geekers Keep Discussions on everything nerd and geek. 18
Gamerly A magazine that writes about games in a different way 16
ChasingProducts A series of posts about tech products that you can read in *about* 10 minutes 16
G2A.COM You must gather your party before venturing forth. That’s why we teamed up to talk about gaming. Not only to gamers. 16
Dragon Heart A publication for stories by Oren Cohen. 15 Exploring video games, just not in the most obvious way. 14
ORWL Avocats ORWL Avocats is a law firm dedicated to disruptive technologies. With a recognized expertise in the assistance of blockchain projects (exchanges, custodian, token sale, payment solutions, etc.), the firm also operates in the gaming and deep tech industries. 12
Loading Screen Stories about games and the people who play them. 12
Pixel Vision 8 Explore retro game development and the hardware that helped inspire the creation of Pixel Vision 8, an open-source Fantasy Game Console. 11