Publications tagged `CREATIVITY`
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Let’s Write A publication about writing for the writing community, covering books, freelance, self-publishing and more. 0
wellnotes Stories that focus on wellbeing and creativity 0
Bookplate Essays, poetry, reviews and ideas, shared for the love of words. 0
Kid Cinematheque Sharing film reviews and commentary to help parents and kids develop a love of film. 0
jcpe Sign-up for my newsletter. An original article & round-up once a month. Great reads/listens on the creative life, tech & leadership. 0
Design Ronins A place for self-taught designers to learn and share knowledge, tips, and news about the creative industry (P.S. every designer is a self-taught designer) 0
The Road To Glory Where experience is forged into lessons of self-improvement, productivity, and creativity. 0
The Book and Blog Loft The Book and Blog Loft is for book authors and bloggers to teach or learn all aspects of creating and marketing their writing. 0
Unexplored Neuroscience This publication is populated by projects we create each month, based on the branch of Neuroscience we are exploring for the month. Our projects focus on using our Neuroscientific knowledge to create and innovate and focusing on unanswered questions within our current research. 0
Fun-Sized Stories and essays to chronicle the shenanigans, emotions, insights that come from being a new parent to young kids. Meant to all be taken with a grain of salt, preferably on the rim of a big margarita. 0
Folios “Golden Sea” “Golden Sea” is an account of contemporary reorientation, resilience and creativity lived by artists, cultural workers, and civil society in times of displacement and challenged hospitality. 0
Dobe Art Dobe Art is a publication themed on artistic creativity. Included is a potpourri of art articles, visual art, and sometimes poetry for the lover and creator of art. Included are essays on social media, creativity, artistic productivity, and storytelling. 0
CREATIVEdestruction Highlighted the voices of artists and creatives. We’re a new publication 0
Veritable Letters Magpie-like letters about intentional living, creativity, writing, craft, books, and other shiny new things. 0
The Beginner’s Guide I write things we know from different aspects. You can’t go beyond knowing the beginner level 0