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Ocado Technology We curate the best stories from our editors at Ocado Technology and around the web, covering topics related to robotics and IoT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and beyond. 137
Upstash Upstash is a serverless database with Redis API. It is the perfect database for the serverless applications thanks to its per-request pricing, ease of use and durable storage optimized for low latency data. 133
IBM iX Stories Stories that show how we are transforming business by design 119
neoxia Your digital business partner! 115
pradpoddar We will explore latest technology trends along with what is happening in Cloud. Not just in-depth technical details, but also breaking it down for general folks in simple english. 111
Software for the Utopian Software and Orchestration for the New Generation. 104
CloudCover The public cloud's transformative power isn't in scale, or speed, or price. It's in the API. The ability for software to request and control hardware leads to an unprecedented opportunity to automate IT. 102
merapar Techblog of Merapar 99
Mobile Software Development Tech blog about iOS development, cloud deployment, mobile DevOps and building great software products 98
MyCloudSeries Devops, SRE, Cloud, DatOps 87
Py.Watch Python articles, guides, talks, news and more. A publication by Hultnér Technologies. 86
Fraktal Positive stories about cyber security 86
Vendasta Development stories and insights from the leading end-to-end white-label B2B platform, used by agencies and media companies who sell to local business 81
datalex experts in data cloud architecture & analysis, data lover 62
DNX Labs A cloud-native company 60