Publications tagged `SCIENCE`
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Knot Physics Blog Caltech astrophysics PhD and math alumnus doing independent research on a geometric unification theory, Knot Physics. 3
The Scope “The Scope” is the science blog of the Yale Scientific Magazine, the nation’s oldest college science publication. It publishes the work of Yale writers on all things in science, from environmentalism on campus to the latest research in particle physics. 3
Sixty Seconds Smarter Got a minute? Learn something cool in 300 words or less. 2
Energy Science and Policy Developments and issues on the science of energy generation through to policy 2
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 2
FutureFile Things that might just happen 2
Future Stories Lab Future Stories Lab is a journalist meet-up event in London for anyone interested in creating better stories about science, technology + environment 2
Science Explorers Helping children develop a love of science and learning through hands-on, experiential activities. Focus on STEM activities and experiments. 2
Sciencesys Exploring Science and Technology from a whole new perspective. 1
Laura Jean Bailey A page about a wonderful range of topics including social justice, science, education, and writing. 1
Midstory Midstory dedicates its operations to curating a voice out of the Midwest through research, publication, public engagement, and broadcasting. In the midst of a noisy national canopy, our Midstory is a space of connection and intersection in the American experience. 1
Curious Witch Inquiry at the intersection of womanhood, science, and existential risk 1
Minding Science Wild Cat, Science and Conservation Commentary from Panthera’s Biologists 1
IoHB News The future of medicine. 1
Genei Technology Genei Technology is an NLP startup working on automatic summarization. We have partnered with NVIDIA in their Inception program 1