Publications tagged `SCIENCE`
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Atlas: Student Perspectives on Medicine Discussing our place in the world of medicine; for students, by students. 15
ScienceNow You don’t want the science later, you want the science NOW. 14
BBC Future Making you smarter, every day. 14
ForwardMotion Stories about the forward motion of life and other writing journeys. 14
atheism101 Discussion about atheism, god, spirituality, and science… from a position of non-belief 14
Science Writing Sandbox Science writing must be accurate, but it does not need to be limited in style. Let’s play. 13
Science + Communication + Policy Read about new research in medical devices, AI, and science policy 13
Templeton World Official blog of the Templeton World Charity Foundation 13
Science Plus Story How research expertise becomes authority. 12
knowledgr a community-run, blockchain-based protocol that rewards the scientific community for practicing healthy research behaviors. By using the scientific method as a format for knowledge acquisition we empower anyone, anywhere to become a scientist. 12
Why Is That? Random learning about random topics. 12
The East Berry Ideas and debates for the educated individual. 12
Powershare Crowdfunding platform, which turns your idle CPU power into social Impact. By harnessing the power of public computing, Powershare not only helps those in need of financial support, but also scientific research projects in need of enormous computational resource. 11
The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences — a consortium of 10 universities promoting research in and application of the mathematical sciences of the highest international calibre. 11
Art Collection 12 Cognitive la Physique 11