Publications tagged `YOGA`
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Mindfully Speaking a forum for sharing ideas and inspiration based on the teachings of the Buddha, spirituality, yoga, and related poetry. 1,642
The .fit Way The official Blog — Get in on the how and the why of what we do to make health easy. 686
The Yoga Narrative A yogi’s paradise for stories about yoga and meditation. 212
Yoga Today Yoga Today is the official journal of Yoga Australia & New Zealand — the peak body for yoga down-under. 165
Wealth of Ideas Knowledge-driven stories for the optimistic, curious, and introspective. 105
Butterfly Dreams Butterfly Dreams is a collection of Erika Burkhalter’s poetry, photography and musings about nature and life. 49
Strange Wonder A non-dogmatic space to explore philosophy, meditation and the nature of reality. Subscribe to the newsletter, with extra goodies: 31
Atha Yogānuśāsanam Thoughts on Yoga, in the broadest sense of that term 28
Mindful Life Perspectives and information on spirituality, holistic health, mindfulness, and life in general. 18
Engaged Yoga Academy Taking a systematic approach to awakening. Working with body based practice, meditation, mindfulness, vibration, ceremony, inquiry, movement, massage and more - through these we open to our true nature. 8
The Thinking Heart A series of personal reflections on my journey with yoga and mental health 2
Modern Mindfulness Practical advice for living mindfully in our busy modern world. 2
PriTalks We bring you a diverse range of articles from the deep mysteries of the universe to the serenity of yoga and more! 1
The BeAnimal Foundation Learning from our Wild Sides 0
The Rose Compass Spiritual Teachings for a Heart-Centered World 0