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Matthew Nisbet, PhD

Professor of Communication at Northeastern University. Editor-in-chief, journal of Environmental Communication. www.matthewnisbet.org

Latest Posts

Discovering Evolution at College

Researchers study better ways to engage religious students in biology classes

Scholars Trace the Impact of Jon Kabat-Zinn on America’s Mindfulness Movement

The MIT-trained scientist transformed meditation from a Buddhist practice into a scientifically based approach to a more meaningful life.

The IPCC Report is a Wake Up Call for Scholars, Advocates, and Philanthropists

We have focused too heavily on public mobilization and exposing denial, ignoring other strategies likely to accelerate societal change.

Instead of Practicing Yoga as a Workout, Focus on the True Benefits

Adopt a philosophy of “non-doing,” balancing mind and body.

Talking Science and Society at Church

Why scientists need to be part of the conversation.

Discussing the Biggest Questions in Science and Society

How scientists can encourage dialogue, respect, and mutual understanding.

The Science of Why Yoga Quiets the Mind

The secret is in slow breathing and the regulation of the nervous system.


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