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Secocha Ventures Stay tuned for the team’s latest insights + updates about our firm & portfolio 13
The Ideal Wealth Grower The Ideal Wealth Grower provides information, resources, tips, tricks and useful ideas to accelerate your journey towards economic independence and becoming a successful Ideal Wealth Grower yourself. You can find us at 12
Venture Desktop A weekly letter exploring the ideas and trends shaping the innovation economy. 11
MicroVentures We help startups raise capital and give investors the ability to invest in a diverse portfolio online. 10
Investify Media Investify Media publishes content related to investing, with a heavy emphasis on both private equity and venture capital. Investify also helps you navigate careers in finance, investing and consulting. 9
Vodia Capital Vodia Capital is a boutique asset management firm located in Boston and NYC serving families and institutions. 8
Taking Stock Keeping You Updated on all the Latest Stock, Tech, and Business News 8
The Money Salad The Money Salad is all about money, investing and making the most out of your savings! 7
Money Tok Practical advice for new investors on wealth creation and financial freedom. Learn how to save, grow, protect and manage your money 7
Kyron Baxter Lifelong geek. Professional Apple fanboy. 6
Authentic Investing To educate and inspire value investors around the world. 6
The Money Mandate TMM originates from the idea that we require a personalised mandate to use as a compass in our individual financial Journeys. The many methods of investing, saving and financial planning can be confusing. We aim to provide a starting point in the journey through curious research. 6
WTFinance WTFinance is home to insightful articles on finance, fintech, behavioral finance, economics, and financial politics, with a twist. It also hosts the occasional weekly column Friday Finance, a look back at the week in finance. There’s more to it than money. 5
Towards 3Z The Future is Already Here, it’s just Not Evenly Distributed — W. Gibson quote inspired me to start this blog and help people access the future NOW regarding digital transformation of the built environment 5
Adaptive Analysis Markets, Mining, & Bitcoin 4