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Beringea Insights on investment and innovation from Beringea, a transatlantic investor seeking to create the conditions for lasting entrepreneurial success. 28
Chartmaster Chartmaster is an advanced trading strategy simulator and data collection tool. Code complex trading strategies in Go to test performance over years of data. Designed by @myika and Simon Jeong. 28
Value Stock Guide Looking for values in the global stock markets. 24
Wealth Marathon Building wealth through real estate is a marathon, not a sprint. A blog about coaching and life lessons to help anyone win the wealth marathon with real estate. 23
Stockopedia Helping private investors to beat the market 22
B|O|S Perspectives All walks of wealth. 22
Morpher Trade 24/7 with zero fees and perfect liquidity across stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. 21
Cryptic Crypto Cryptocurrencies are everywhere and every coin has a vibrant community. But what innovation is coming next? 21
Planner Bee Personal finance, tailored for Asia 19
Coinstack App Cryptocurrency Trading for Everyone 17
Brightspark Ventures Brightspark is one of Canada’s top performing venture capital firms, investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and producing unprecedented returns for investors since 1999. 16
CoinDNA CoinDNA is an educational website to aid traders in their investment journey in the blockchain industry. 15
The Money Talk Guy Our aim is to guide you through your financial independence journey so that you have more options in life 14
Money Smarts Make your money work hard for you. Actionable tips to grow your money without the fluff. Read about how you can reduce your spending, increase your income and maximize your wealth. 14
Alexis Assadi Alexis Assadi is a lender and an entrepreneur. He manages a group of companies that provide financing to real estate operators and business owners. He is passionate about environmental conservation. Alexis Assadi lives and works in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. 13