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Revent We gather a community of purpose-led founders, investors and scientists to drive systemic change in climate, healthcare, education and finance. We believe that in today’s world, the companies founded by extraordinary teams around a strong purpose will be the ones to succeed. 35
Mid Life Survival Guide Publication to share Mid Life experiences, tips and ideas to navigate, and learn life lessons in the process 33
The Daily Insight A community of writers discussing new ideas every day. Keep up with them all here. 33
TheHowTo Get Smarter at Your Thing. Follow To Join TheHowTo’s +40k Monthly Readers & +18K, Followers. 33
Funding Circle Funding Circle is the world's leading marketplace for business loans. We connect businesses in need of finance with investors who want to lend to them. Here we'll be sharing some of the interesting projects, which power this FinTech business 31
QuantPortal We specialize in social trading, custom scripts, indicators, and e-learning ( and previously 31
The New Finance In pursuit of knowledge and truth about innovation 29
Business of Today A publication that deals with all types of businesses and different case studies across different markets as well as industries. We are here to discuss and present the best solutions to grow your business not matter if it is a corporation or a startup. 27
BizTech Top Stories on Business and Technology 27
Tenets A community of lifelong learners curating stories on tech, finance & life lessons. Follow to join our community. 27
ClearScore Changing the world of tech, finance and the workplace 26
modernMeraki Cross wiring thinkers and creators—informing on topics related to budgeting, investing, entrepreneurship, health, relationships, careers, etc. that will help young professionals acquire essential, but often overlooked, life skills & mindset needed to thrive in all areas of life. 26
Beth.Technology Beth Kindig provides weekly stock analysis on tech stocks and publishes a free newsletter. Also, check out her podcast “Tech Lightning Rounds” 24
The World Times Analyis of current events in politics, economics, finance, military, technology, and society. 23
The Renaissance Economist Economic forces influence all aspects of our daily lives, from where we work, how much we pay in taxes, even who we date. Tune in for insights on how to think about these forces and their impact on your life. 21