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Wall Street Everything Wall Street-Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPOs, Personal Finance, and Startups 8
DMTrading Bulgaria We are a company that offers services regarding the Forex and Commodities market. Our goal is to help anyone become profitable in trading. 8
Jalan Technology Consulting Helping businesses to solve problems with technology. 8
The Economist’s Almanac Predictions are always a weird thing. If everybody anticipated eventual calamity, then they would act accordingly before. Forecasting is a weird thing because it hardly does what it defines to do. Here, we anticipate what is seemingly unanticipated. 7
The Money Salad The Money Salad is all about money, investing and making the most out of your savings! 7
The Peanut We analyse historical and current financial markets and provide upcoming investment opportunities with educational investment knowledge. Our mission is to find value investments associated with the environment that can generate wealth and promote sustainability. 6
Future Done Right(TM) To are dedicated to helping business owners and leaders prepare for the future of their businesses. Follow our publication for more stories and resources that will get you to have the business of your dreams. 6
The Money Mandate TMM originates from the idea that we require a personalised mandate to use as a compass in our individual financial Journeys. The many methods of investing, saving and financial planning can be confusing. We aim to provide a starting point in the journey through curious research. 6
Diving into Asia “Diving into Asia” is aiming to provide insights on diverse fields such as culture, education, tech and finance in Asia. The objective is to better understand the fastest growing economy. 5
Payoffs 💰 Payoffs | Your hub for all things corruption, sanctions, and illicit finance 5
WTFinance WTFinance is home to insightful articles on finance, fintech, behavioral finance, economics, and financial politics, with a twist. It also hosts the occasional weekly column Friday Finance, a look back at the week in finance. There’s more to it than money. 5
Retirement Type An Inspired Journey to Early Retirement 5
Prolific Pulse Thoughts, Art, Things 5
Home Economics: The Simpleton’s Study of Money, Trends, and Everyday Interests Simple takes on how economic, social, and other trends translate at home. We are parents, business people, and nobody’s in search of what’s true, interesting, and (occasionalyl) comical. 5
Bearamid Financial commentary with nostalgic tendencies against growth —  as the name suggests. Opinions are not a financial advice. 5