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Airy ♥ Science Airy’s Technical Blog About Science, Engineering, Pizza 27
Data Analysis Enthusiast Talk everything about data! 27
Looker Engineering Engineering @ Looker. Our unique intelligence environment makes it easy for data analysts to create and curate custom data experiences - so they can give everyone in the business the freedom to explore the data that matters to them, in the context that makes it truly meaningful 25
GLAD Community Building a data driven community 21
Map My Customers Engineering & Design Creative engineers and designers building the future of productivity in the field. 20
Ledger Investing Engineering, Data Visualization and Finance 20
Musing’s of a Data Scientist in Medicine I will start a series of blogs that will cover my learnings/experiences over the years in biology/medicine & field of S/W programming applications, R language, HPC, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, Genomics, Single-Cell, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science/viz, etc 19
Information Expositions S2019 Information Expositions is an undergraduate class taught by Professor Brian Keegan at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Information Science. 19
Data Doodles A Visual Storytelling Project, Portraying Our Lives in Data Visualization. 17
That Data Guy Just my thoughts and data explorations that I’ve decided other people can see! 17
Humans of Data All the resources and inspiration data teams need to do their lives’ best work. 💙 11
Devyx Delivering insights into Tableau Server automation and data visualization. 11
Messy Data Exploring power + complexity + creativity in (feminist) data science 9
Data Science Everyone Find the best articles related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and much more. 9