Publications tagged `EDUCATION`
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LBRY of Alexandria The New DECENTralized LBRY of Alexandria 9
CareerCrashers We’re here for those who want to launch a career the right way — their own way. #CareerLaunch stories, tips, and more. 9 Discovering, researching and sharing inspirational innovations in K12 education from around the world. 9
Crypto…for the rest of us Learn about the technology of the future. Written in plain english for the lay person. 9
Verita-serum Truth potion — (mostly) truthful analysis, insights and opinion on wide-ranging societal topics. 9
Landed If we want stronger schools and safer communities, we need to uphold those who make it possible. That’s why we provide services like down payment support to teachers and school staff: if more of us feel at home, we all benefit. 9
Learning Economy Dedicated to solving the global skills gap. 8
Summer Community Summer is a social enterprise helping student loan borrowers navigate the complex repayment process. Summer partners with colleges and employers to provide borrowers with an innovative app to track their loans in one place and enroll them in the best repayment plan. 7
ml5js Friendly Machine Learning for the Web. ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. 7
THE PEDAGOGUE on education, by educators, about all things educational 7
Birds With Teeth Birds With Teeth is a collective of 4 friends who are interested in thoughtful, helpful, and consensus oriented dialogue. 7
Something New — Education Stories that contribute to the adage — learn something new, every day. 6
The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences — a consortium of 10 universities promoting research in and application of the mathematical sciences of the highest international calibre. 6
Bits and Pieces Candid. 6
Diving into Asia “Diving into Asia” is aiming to provide insights on diverse fields such as culture, education, tech and finance in Asia. The objective is to better understand the fastest growing economy. 5