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Gig Economy Medium’s premier publication covering the gig economy. Topics include gig working platforms, freelancing, gig worker earnings, the US economy, productivity strategies, and tips for workers navigating the ever changing labor market. 13
Growup Group Growup Group is an established and creative New Delhi based — Remote Employees Service Provider. We are pioneers in outsourcing the right human resource agnostic of the client’s geo- location in the space of Marketing, Sales, Administrative, recurring and mundane tasks. 13
My Remote Work Life 8+ years of experience on working from home or remotely. 13
Poor Writer Rich Writer Discovering the difference between poor writers and the most successful writers. 12
Studio Lagier Lagier & Lagier ( is a husband-and-wife web development studio based in sunny San Luis Obispo, California. When we’re not coding, we’re cooking, taking photos, or hanging out with our dog, Bandit. 11
At Gisty Publication for new writers or for stories that don’t quite fit anywhere else — your words are welcomed here. 11
On Being a Writer Tips, Tools, Techniques for Professional Writing Success 10
ZigTheBlog Zig is an app. This is a blog. 9
The Nomad Union A place for digital nomads, travelers and remote workers to share advice, stories, experiences and tips on life during and after the nomadic journey. 9
Translation Times A publication for freelance translators and translation buyers, discussing language, business, freelancing and translation matters 8
The DropOuter The Dropout is a community of storytellers documenting the journey startup, business, freelancing, and entrepreneurship. 8
Work, work, work it! Why should you start your own business? How do you find your story? And most of all: how do you stay sane when you’re working alone? 8
Week of Saturdays Week of Saturdays answers questions, shares stories and solves problems for African freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote workers and other professionals-in-transition. 7
Stoovo Bring stability to people’ cash-flow with more gigs. 7
The Public Mission A community of people who keep up with their passions. By making a living out of it. 7