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CroCoding This Publication is the Outlet of all my thoughts on tech, entrepreneurship & all miscellaneous things which comes in this Niche. To read more on development, design, websites, tech, tips & tricks, React & MERN Stack. Stay tuned! 2
mariaisquixotic A safe haven for creatives who are struggling with adulting and other things 1
Aligned Storytelling Aligned Storytelling is the official publication of Storylign Copy + Content. We help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs stand out in saturated markets with website copy and content that connects AND converts. 1
Dan V Design Co. A Freelance brand design and website development company working with creatives and business owners so that they can focus on their passion, not a brand  — 1
Design Aware We write for freelancers, agencies, and brand creators about UI/UX design trends and working as a creative. Our goal: help you find inspiration and stay on top of your industry. Our editorial team is also behind, the 1st editor for apps & websites. 1
The Home Hermit Working from home is on the up, and many of us are learning on our feet. Subscribe for stories about living that life. 1
Online Freelancing Hub This publication is about exploring opportunities online. Get ideas on how to start and how to thrive as on online freelancer. 0
Rahul Hathwar My name is Rahul. I am a passionate Game Developer and Digital Artist, and I have been learning since I was 10 years old. I’ve spent years learning, and now what started out as a hobby is transitioning into a career choice. 0 Read about what it’s like to be a contractor and get tips! 0
The Humanist A publication about work and career in the new world of work. We share inspiring stories, latest news and handy tools for finding fulfillment in what you do. 0
Ourspark Egyptian startup created for freelancers by freelancers. The platforms, social media activities, and operations are all created and managed by freelance talent. 0