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See Context How do you become something you don’t see? See Context is a manifestation of this simple, yet powerful question. It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves. 1
The Vehicle The Vehicle is unstoppable. We share our professional and personal growth stories. Let’s progress together. 1
Product Thinker Tank Product Thinker Tank is a publication focused on enabling both product centric indivuals and businesses to succeed in the modern world 1
Diversity Square Diversity Square is a place to discover new voices, share your own, and make beautiful music together. 1
Cloud Forest A Medium publication dedicated to stories about ecosystem diversity, computational sustainability, business agility and ethical leadership. 1
Koenighotze Energy Emporium Projects succeed because of people. Architecture is about people collaborating. Great things can happen if you combine great people, lean architecture with good leadership. 1
Business & Code Business & Code is the go to destination for insights into the intersection of software and business. 1
Demos Norge Vi drømmer om en verden vi med stolthet kan gi videre til neste generasjon 0
COVID-19 Public Sector Resources A resource center, curated by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School, for public sector practitioners to highlight cases, teaching, policy solutions, and other examples of how governments are responding to the outbreak 0
jcpe Sign-up for my newsletter. An original article & round-up once a month. Great reads/listens on the creative life, tech & leadership. 0
knowremote KnowRemote is a medium publication for corporate workers and teams who fully or partially work from home. We provide tips, resources, and guidance, as well as informational stories about why working from home is the best new idea for the corporate world since the internet itself. 0
UpHabit Articles and books about networking, business, leadership, relationship building, and personal & professional development. Build a stronger network with UpHabit, a Personal CRM app for thoughtful Super Connectors and those that aspire to be! Download now on iOS, Android, & MacOS 0
Leadership Life and Death LLAD connects leaders to their actions and (gasp!) the consequences of those actions. Equal opportunity connector. 0
Cultivation An Urban Gardener’s approach to life, work, and everything in between 0
Friends of Ours An independent strategy and design studio. We aim to be an exemplary launchpad of responsible, for-profit, positive impact-driven companies. To raise the standard in design, in creating genuine connections and producing meaningful content 0