Publications tagged `DEVELOPMENT`
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Improbable Engineering How we’re building the future — and other stories. 20
Malleable Thoughts from the cloud. 19
The Cloud Builders Guild Cloud enthusiasts writing about coding and building things in the Cloud. 19
kloeckner.i Insights from the developers at kloeckner.i 19
Code Chemistry Give us a problem and we will develop a solution 19
Livesport Dev Od vývojářů pro vývojáře. 19
AE Studio AE Studio is an LA-based agile design and development consultancy that helps startups and growth-stage companies build scalable Data Science and Product Development solutions. 19
Creative by Black Pug Studio Building a bridge between Creativity & Technology 18
Warp 9 Fastest place to learn DevOps and Cloud Computing. Get the job, Get the promotion, Learn Fast. 18
The Marcy Lab School We create pathways into tech careers for underestimated youth, empowering them to take control of their future. 18
Dwarsoft A blog where we show how technology enables us to build the products and provide top service. We are based in Chennai. 18
Toddzilla: Engineering Management The journey of a giant reptile striving to give product management a good name. Strives to make the world a better place, occasionally goes on tangents of mass destruction. Made in Silicon Alley. 17
(Un)Scholarly We want to bring academic research and knowledge to the public. If you like our work, or want to share your views, tell us at 16
Windmill Smart Solutions We design & build digital product experiences which delight 16
Arnold Clark Arnold Clark Digital Product Development 15