Publications tagged `DEVELOPMENT`
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Untitled Factory Mobile & web digital agency specializing in Progressive Web Apps located in Paris, France. 15
{margin.notes} Trawling the gaps between design, technology, and culture 15
LUGGit On-demand luggage collection and delivery app. Forget luggage storage! LUGGit collects your luggage where you are and delivers it to the place you want at anytime you want, so you can enjoy your time, away from your luggage. 15
multiverse-tech The Multiverse Product & Tech teams findings 15
Android Magnum All about Android, How to, Tips and Tricks, News Updates etc., 14
Two’s Complement 2C is a design and technology studio. We help high-caliber project teams win with the power of complementary design and development. 14
The Forge Institute A thinker space dedicated to thought leadership for positive change. Visit us at 14
statch A group of young developers that love to create unique and exciting software. 14
techattommy Discussing Fashion Tech culture, development, innovation and design at Tommy Hilfiger 13
Beerwulf The Beerwulf engineering blog. 13
Wingie / Enuygun Tech Türkiye’nin seyahat sitesi Enuygun’un ve global markası Wingie’nin yazılım geliştirme ve teknolojik altyapı hikayeleri 13
Webera We are a cloud consulting company with offices in the United States and Brazil 12
Skillthrive Web design and development tutorials 11
TotalCross Community Focused on publishing articles and tutorials about cross-platform software development ( Embedded systems, Android, iOS, and others) using TotalCross Java framework. 11
Pixel Vision 8 Explore retro game development and the hardware that helped inspire the creation of Pixel Vision 8, an open-source Fantasy Game Console. 11