Name Followers
Infermedica Stories about AI. 23
justaiofficial Building engaging voice and text-based interfaces through rich content and awesome tools 23
Edgecut Future magazine for the cutting edge of art and technology. 22
Intercepting Horizons Strategic Consulting 21
Crater Labs Learnings from AI/ML Moonshots 21
Opla Your OPEN Chatbot Builder. Here you could create your own conversational agents from zero and without coding. 21
Picasso Labs Blog We publish stories about visual communication in the age of AI. We want to change the way people think about visual content. 20
GLAD Community Building a data driven community 20
Why We Fight — Blackbird.AI The Fight Against Misinformation has just begun. #WhyWeFight 20
GoodVision Collecting traffic data from camera recordings through Artificial Intelligence 19
MorphL AI-enhancing Digital Products & Services. More details at 19
AltaML The AltaML Blog 18
Analytics Matters Discussions about all things analytics because analytics is important … Analytics Matters 18
Jan Bot Meet The Metalog, a collection of research notes about the life and work of Jan Bot, the first computer program developed by experimental filmmakers to make found footage films for the Internet. You can meet the bot and watch its films on 17
Ingedata Ingedata provides human annotation services to computer vision and artificial intelligence companies. You can find us at Let’s talk data and training sets. 17