Name Followers
Why We Fight — Blackbird.AI The Fight Against Misinformation has just begun. #WhyWeFight 19
Infermedica Stories about AI. 18
Intercepting Horizons Strategic Consulting 18
iSrajan A blog on Data Science and Machine Learning. Follow the blog to become a part of the iSrajan community. 18
MorphL AI-enhancing Digital Products & Services. More details at 18
Picasso Labs Blog We publish stories about visual communication in the age of AI. We want to change the way people think about visual content. 18
Crater Labs Learnings from AI/ML Moonshots 17
Jan Bot Meet The Metalog, a collection of research notes about the life and work of Jan Bot, the first computer program developed by experimental filmmakers to make found footage films for the Internet. You can meet the bot and watch its films on 17
fiddlerlabs We’re building a new kind of ML platform to help enterprises accelerate adoption of AI. 17
AltaML The AltaML Blog 16
Ingedata Ingedata provides human annotation services to computer vision and artificial intelligence companies. You can find us at Let’s talk data and training sets. 14
Jingo.AI An unholy, polyamorous matrimony between AI, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Altruism, and the living 14
Yoomee Research and design company helping non-profits use AI and chatbots for social change #chatbots #ai #techforgood #mentalhealth 13
Adext Adext AI Finds The Most Relevant Audience At The Right Time using Machine Learining 13
QuizNext A gamified revision app for CBSE and ICSE students 13