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Purdue Engineering Pioneering groundbreaking technology, unlocking revolutionary ideas and advancing humankind across the country, planet and universe. Explore how leading educators, thinkers and innovators at the Purdue University College of Engineering are shaping the future — and beyond. 77
Overture Overture is a computer vision platform that saves data scientists weeks in development. We offer an end-to-end pipeline for cutting-edge computer vision algorithms which takes care of data input, training, deployment, and actionable analytics. Models can be compared in their pe 74
Analytics Matters Discussions about all things analytics because analytics is important … Analytics Matters 73
skygate ▮AI/ML, JS, Python, UX skills beyond expectations is now on Medium on a mission to educate (y)ourself 72
Beirut AI Applied Artificial Intelligence in Lebanon 72
AlumnAI Academy Providing ingenious learning experiences on Emerging Technologies, to produce elite talent at scale. 70
TheLocalMinima An empirical blog that explores the yet unexplored in machine learning. 70 is a Scandinavian software company specializing in conversational artificial intelligence 69
GryphonsPerch Random ramblings of a science and discovery nature. 67
Momenton Momenton 66
bitgrit Data Science Publication We publish only high-quality data science-related topics. Become a writer by contacting @joey_joez on our Telegram group: 66
Deep Neuron Lab AI blog for Deep Neuron Lab 66
Into Advanced Procurement We are committed to the advancement of procurement linked with new technologies. Through this platform, we want everyone to exchange ideas and participate to the future of procurement. Our editors are part of the international consultancy firm called CKS. 64
security analytics all things related to security and analytics, including my own work and the latest in threat detections 62
PIXmoving PIX-Rebuild the city with autonomous mobility 62