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Advanced Design for Artificial Intelligence A 15-week course focused on techniques for designing products powered by AI that form new relationships with users. Written by students of the Advanced Design for AI course at the University of Texas in Austin. 132
LEO Innovation Lab Technology is changing the fabric of healthcare. We’re sharing insights into how. We’re innovating to improve the lives of people living with chronic skin conditions — not with medical treatments but through digital solutions. 131
Machine Learning Department at CMU The Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University is ranked as the top research institution in the world for AI and machine learning research. Our faculty are world renowned in the field, and constantly honored on their work. 126
eBayTech All about eBay's technology from its engineers, researchers and product owners. 126
LatinXinAI Latinx in AI Coalition - Creating Opportunity for Latinx in AI 121
Your Virtual Self You want to be your best self. We build technology to help you get there. Tips from friends at Maslo. 120
Wallscope Blogs from the Wallscope team 117
Computational Neuroscience Series of articles on nuances of biologically inspired Neural Networks 116
Data Science at Microsoft Lessons learned in the practice of data science at Microsoft. 115
Skafos Skafos helps retailers increase sales and customer engagement through visual search and real-time personalization. 113
Purdue Engineering Pioneering groundbreaking technology, unlocking revolutionary ideas and advancing humankind across the country, planet and universe. Explore how leading educators, thinkers and innovators at the Purdue University College of Engineering are shaping the future — and beyond. 111
Social Robots Social Robots: what are they, how do they work, how will they impact our lives? This publication explores all those questions and more. It also examines industry players and social robot devices that are entering the market as well as the technologies that make them possible. 109
Super Izzy AI Your best buddy and reproductive health expert on Messenger. Period & Fertility & Pain tracking and much more. Discover her story with your friends! 109
VisionWizard A Medium publication for curated information of best research ideas in the field of AI. 109
RealityEngines.AI Blog Learn about cutting edge developments in Articial Intelligence, Machine learning and More 107