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security analytics all things related to security and analytics, including my own work and the latest in threat detections 44
VectrConsulting The Vectr Voice 43
Into Advanced Procurement We are committed to the advancement of procurement linked with new technologies. Through this platform, we want everyone to exchange ideas and participate to the future of procurement. Our editors are part of the international consultancy firm called CKS. 42
Limbic AI Bringing better data to mental health 39
Just A.I. Simple and Reliable Solutions for Scalable Businesses 37
eBayTech All about eBay's technology from its engineers, researchers and product owners. 36
Futurist One A personal publication for Kaveh Bakhtiyari 33
Stupid Simple AI Series A good series of articles to explain all the most popular Artificial Intelligence algorithms, using real life projects and suggestive figures. 33
Strands Tech Corner Strands Tech Corner is the publication from the Technology team at Strands, where we publish our work, methodologies and experiences. 33
Zero Equals False We deliver quality content to the Software community. We enjoy diving into complex topics and extracting truths, then sharing those truths with the world. 32
Layer7 AI We are a spin-off of the University of Tübingen and help companies master the #AI #revolution by building a bridge between cutting-edge #AI #research and the business world. Find out more @ 31
Forge.AI — Fueling Machine Intelligence Fuel for intelligent machines 30
Wluper Blog Building Conversational AI 30
stemAI Blog Research in Machine Learning, Psychology and talks over beer! 30
AI/ML at Symantec An AI and ML Blog by Symantec’s Center for Advanced Machine Learning (CAML) 30