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AI4CX Exploring the ways that artificial intelligence is advancing superior customer experiences — impacting businesses, consumers, and society at large. 1
The Interlock Reporting the Future of Safety Critical Technology. 1
Can It Be Predicted? Datascience, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Predictive modeling 1
Sentient Artifact The conscious self and the first conscious AI 1
SourceryAI Sourcery is a new tool that uses AI to suggest refactorings as you code. Write better code, faster. 1
re-HOOP*PER-rate Random digressions in machine learning and basketball 1
AI for Medicine Fusing the power of Artificial Intelligence into Medicine for improving global health by building Machine Learning models for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of patients. 1
Data Decision & Intelligence Data Decision & Intelligence curated simple yet special stories to enhance your knowledge in the field of cognitive and decision sciences. One stop hub to taste stimulated statistics, advance artificial intelligence & boosted bioinformatics also synergy between Psychology and AI. 1
Arize AI Arize AI is the watcher, troubleshooter and the guardrail on deployed AI. 1
ALTAVIA — MASSIVE BLOG ALTAVIA is the online blog of MASSIVE, the leading A.I. company in the field of online market performance data and consumer behavior 1
Etekly We piece together stories that reflect how tech impacts the human experience. We seek to illuminate the numerous technological innovations that are happening every day before our eyes. 1
ML Brew This publication is devoted to ML and DL research community to gather the knowledge at one platform for cutting edge innovation. 1
Nucleoid Declarative Runtime System 1
Data2Dimensions | Rupak Bob Roy In today’s world many of the data generated by everyone is neglected without knowing the advantages and uses of this data. Let’s engage to new ideas,rediscover and interprate meaningful patterns in data with the motto “ We Rise By Lifting Others” 1 Based of San Jose, Costa Rica. Founder: Andres Antillon. Making AI, ML & DL Accessible to Anyone. Spreading News and Motivating Others to Learn. 1