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Kirey Group Driving People Through Innovation 1
The Race to Reinvent Sparking creativity and innovation in the modern business leader. 0
Soter Labs Exploring the implications of AI for the future of cybersecurity 0
Human Digital Intelligence Fostering research on the evolution of human digital intelligence. 0
Articulate-AI Breaking down concepts, techniques and codes 0
Deci AI Deci enables Deep Learning developers to boost their models so they are radically faster, more accurate and more efficient, on any hardware. 0
Qavar An artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, helping you to defend against digital threats targeting your business, and scaling your business through custom-built, intelligent apps. 0
codemonday Web development & Digital Agency 0
DeepTek DeepTek harnesses the latest research in deep learning to develop AI solutions that provide patients faster and more accurate diagnosis, reduce radiologist burden and boost productivity, and ultimately democratize healthcare by reducing costs. 0
Consequential Podcast Focusing on the human side of technological change. 0
Random Noise Random Topics in Data Science, ML, AI, Mathematics, and Programming. 0
ML2B How to convert Machine learning Theory into Business 0
Kaedim Thoughts from the minds behind Kaedim, building a world where creativity can be realised without frustration. 0
Emulation Nerd I am Multi-Disciplinary Engineer pursuing my M.S in Mathematics from BITS Pilani, interested in the field of AI and Data Science. I usually have not-so-novel approaches to understanding concepts and problem solving. They work better for me mostly and wanted to share those here. 0
Technovators Sharing Ideas on AI, Neuroscience and other cutting edge technologies 0