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Novateus Novateus designs and develops custom software products and applications for our clients by harnessing web, mobile, and IoT solutions that help businesses streamline operations and become more efficient 1
Axon Insights Let us share our IT insights and development practices by reviewing the latest in technology news. 1
Code Carbon by Zeba Academy On Flutter, Fuchsia and Other Stuff… 1
bestoked Here at beStoked we develop mobile app solutions for your business needs. We guarantee we can change the way you engage and showcase your business with customers. We believe that a mobile app keeps you on your feet, and personally it’s an exciting journey… 1
plaiz We’re building a (anti) social network for like-minded, fashion & streetwear loving people. 0
mavencluster Maven Cluster is an award-winning IT company that helps you accomplishes great achievements with ease. Our Team of Top 1% of Industry Experts excels in leveraging the highly advanced technology to make your business profitable. 0
Creative Talks Sharing learnings on devops, mobile/web dev gathered while creating modern tech companies. 0
vitalxchange We connect you with health experts that can give help! Our free app lets youtalk to qualified experts, therapists, peers & join a caring community of members like you. Now serving parents of children with autism & special needs. Never feel alone or confused again on Vitalxchange. 0
AppLit AppLit is a software consulting firm that specializes in making apps that look beautiful and are easy to use. We make apps that help businesses grow and reach their users. 0
FlutterFever FlutterFever is an Immersive Environment for High-Quality Flutter Tutorials, Resources, Tips & Tricks to Build, Deploy and Market Beautiful and Performant Flutter Apps Effortlessly. 0