Publications tagged `MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT`
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devcareers The official publication of the #laptop4developers project 57 We help organizations build unique digital experiences on web, mobile and blockchain. 57
Moonfarmer Thoughts on tech, design, and community from Moonfarmer 55
Code道 The Tao (Chinese: 道; pinyin: Dào; literally: “the Way” ) Code道— is a publication about all things app development. Our way — Learn through sharing 54
Jet Set Digital …and you will know us by the trail of read. 47
BrightDigit BrightDigit — design, develop,mobile,web,desktop 46
Kodein Koders Kodein Koders Tech Blog 46
Temy Temy is a software development partner for Berlin startups who aim to go global. We hope our experience in Mobile and AI development comes in handy for You. 45
L+R Engineers Educational articles, guides, and more from members of L+R’s Engineering team. 44
NextFaze Smart developers for smart devices 43
Touch4IT We are a software development company that invents tailored solutions to ensure our clients a competitive advantage through innovations. 39
Eight Bit Studios We’ve spent 8+2 years on a QUEST to create a more playful, connected and usable world. Our mission is far from over and more important than ever. We continue to put every bit of ourselves into making digital products backed by strategy and fueled by fun. Will you join us? 39
IceRock Development A boundlessly imaginative mobile development team from the depths of Siberia and its capital, the city of Novosibirsk. Let’s meet on 39
Concrete Latinoamérica Somos Concrete, una empresa parte de Accenture especializada en productos digitales. Trabajamos junto a las compañías más grandes de América Latina para garantizar la transformación digital. Para ello, usamos diseño, desarrollo ágil y nuestra cultura de innovación. 38
Draftbit Draftbit is the “pro-code” no-code mobile app builder. This publication covers tutorials on building with React Native and Expo, using Draftbit, and publishing mobile apps. 36