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National Novel Writing Month The NaNoWriMo community on Medium. We share and support each other through November's madness and beyond. We welcome submissions about NaNoWriMo, fiction writing, and promoting novels. 14,756
The Weekly Knob A weekly publication dedicated to 'prompting writers to write'. A new writing prompt weekly. Submission deadline: Thursdays at midnight CST. New edition published on Saturday. Supporting creative writing and writers at every level of development. 11,830
Reedsy Short stories inspired by writing prompts. 1,242
Write Before Lunch Writing about writing 148
Writers on Fire A publication to showcase the work of members of the Writers on Fire Online Writing Group 47
Daily Colors A themed exploration of color from every day life. Photos and writing combine to evoke emotion and tell the story behind the photo. 35
The Writer’s Paradise Are you a famous writer? This creative space is for you to suppress your writer’s block. Are you a budding writer? You are at the right place to uplift your writing skills. Accidentally bumped in this space for time-pass? No worries, there is a canvas here for everyone to write. 20
Indie Writers Co-Op A Place For Independent Writers To Feature Their Writing 15
Fab-ulous Writing Adventures A collection of essays and musings from my writing experience and journey to make it as a multi-talented business owner and a part-time writer 14
The Friday Fright New Horror and Sci-Fi Short Stories Every Friday — Open for Submissions! 6
danonwriting Learning what a story is, one misplaced character motivation at a time 5
Writing — Behind the Curtain The nuts-and-bolts of making your writing stronger, richer, and more fun. 1
composing experiments writing across media 1