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Sandy Knight

🌎98% Humanoid, 2% Dork. Songwriter, Poet, Essayist, Editor, Musician, Veteran 🏳️‍🌈

Aura Wilming

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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Geoff Atkins

I’m British. Learn to love the U’s. Digital Marketing Master (although I try to keep work and play separate) and Prompt God.

Latest Posts

The Recollection of Dreams

You must grip the eraser firmly and angle the tip precisely. They explained this to me during my orientation, long ago when I first became…

Rubbed Out

Effacing All Defacing

A Spotless Mind

I was living in LA at the time, comforted in the thought of being surrounded by four million strangers just as lost as myself. We were all…

The Rub of Incompetence

Erasing memories of old faults

An Intervention

Sheila’s imagination holds the key to her family’s future

Going, Going, Gone

In the end, it’s so simple she can’t understand why she never thought of it before. She’s so tired of dropping a bundle at Sephora for…

Erasing Fate


5 Erasures

I’ve already lived the majority of my life. For young people that might be a pretty scary thought. I’ve lived long enough to know that…

Do Scars Need to Be Erased?

He loved every single one.

Teaching Good Boys and Girls

The nun led Marie and her younger brother Paul down the hall to their classrooms. This was their first day at a new school. They used to…


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