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Aura Wilming

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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Geoff Atkins

I’m British. Learn to love the U’s. Digital Marketing Master (although I try to keep work and play separate) and Prompt God.

Latest Posts

Pink Fluffy Death

(Or What I Learned At Career Day)

The Greatest Trick of All

A rising wind whipped the illusionist’s dark hair as he spoke to the crowd at the docks.

Good Clean Fun in 1995

We want tae phone Childline, but ma maw’s disconnected the phone. Plus, we’re sixteen and eighteen; it’s probably too late to complain…

The Libertine

I’ll give you a choice, the sweet by and by, or the nasty here and now…


Flash Fiction

Just Desserts

“You’re a cheater!” Simon slammed the controller onto his lap.

To Heal

I counted days without you, each one a tribute to my healing —  my strength to resist  what persists

The Last Unicorn

The Huntsman is given one last task to prove his loyalty


Apparently, I was a normal child — well, except for having been born to the King and Queen. Although that’s how I know I was perfectly…

Magic Cuffs

Anyone watching from the outside would probably have noticed Paul Horton’s attraction to Dallas. Dallas Hopper was easily the most popular…


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