Publications tagged `MANAGEMENT`
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Volunteer enagagement, leadership and management Collating, curating and sharing great content for anyone leading and managing volunteers 28
Philosophy of Entrepreneurship Startups, Product, Engineering, User Experience, Management, Philosophy and everything in between. 28
Velocity Velocity is speed with direction. And that makes all the difference. Musings by Saket Khanna: Sr Tech Program Manager at Amazon, MBA Oxford University and Founder, Mealtango (Acquired 2019). 21
Dialogue Take care of your team with conversations that matter. 17
Daily manager A place to share experience and practical knowledge 17
Whizzk Publication Whizzk invites everyone to write about sustainability. We make sustainability happen. We make sustainability workable. We implement sustainability in businesses. We transfer scientific research into clear actions. 17
Human Leader Review Empathetic leadership in the 21st Century: how can we effectively lead the next generation to make a positive impact and create more value everywhere they go? 12
Practical Empathy How to lead people and be a manager 11
Collab Blog We’re in the business of employee engagement, leadership, and results. More than just HR, Collab is a Singapore-based startup helping businesses save 85–90% of their hidden costs from, low employee engagement, ineffective leadership, and mishires. 11
ilLUminate: Lehigh Business Thought Leadership The blog of Lehigh University’s College of Business offering thoughful perspectives from the college’s faculty, alumni and students that shine light on interesting and often complex issues and questions related to the business of business. | 10
TieTalent Blog TieTalent matches top talents in IT and Digital Marketing with innovative hiring companies in Switzerland. 9 Transmitting conversation openers on tech and entrepreneurship via strange and innovative ways. An eccentric but rational point of view for the tech-entrepreneur. 7
Rookie Boss Sharing essays and stories that offer managers, especially rookies, advice on how to lead teams and themselves with authenticity, humility, and humor. Content will focus on how to improve the manager-employee relationship through courageous conversations. 7
Remote Engineering Management Measure and improve your software engineering team performance. 4
Luthien Blog Thoughts on management & marketing from the Luthien team. Find us at 4