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Good Business Kit Learn how to get started with a new business, launch your brand, find customers, keep your team engaged, reduce operational costs and grow your business. 3
Wonderquill We write blogs that you can relate to. 3
Landlord Studio Redefining what it means to be a real estate professional, entrepreneur and investor. Property management software that puts the power of the professionals in the palm of your hand. 2
Primos Populi — English Latin for “People First”. A movement that aims at bringing people back as the core of the work world. 2
Unlocked by Kisi Hi everyone! Unlocked is a publication that aims to help office managers all over the world. Powered by Kisi, we create new content about office management tools, people operations and more EVERY WEEK. Find it here: 1
The Vehicle The Vehicle is unstoppable. We share our professional and personal growth stories. Let’s progress together. 1
Business & Code Business & Code is the go to destination for insights into the intersection of software and business. 1
The Engineering Manager Engineering Management requires a unique blend of talents ranging from technical expertise, people skills, strong organization, and grit. This publication is a place for us to tell our stories, to inspire and learn from each other, and offer others a glimpse into our world. 0
Articles Checkout my blogposts on medium 0
Iconoclastic Coder Our profession is increasingly constrained. But not every “best practice” applies to every situation. Iconoclastic Coder is a place to challenge the status quo of programming. To stretch past the hype and make coding more effective and a most importantly — more fun! 0