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21st Century Skills Step-by-step guides on how to gain 21st century skills. We focus on machine learning tools, data visualization and soft skills to make you the best you. 0
The Long Beard Blog Container of tips and tricks for Data Science in Python. Updates on Modern Machine Learning Methods and best practices 0
Machine Learning from scratch Making machine learning concepts easy to understand and use with day to day applications. 0
Cadre-AI Opinions and Strategies From Experts in AI and How They Impact Industry. 0
DAITA Technologies By offering Swiss quality solutions, we offer a new quality standard for machine-learning applications in Europe. We work to significantly improve the existing lack of transparency in data annotation and structuring by providing clarity and control over the entire process. 0
AimlCafe This publication aims to write stories related to AI and ML concepts, ideas, papers 0
Course Hunt Articles featuring the best offers on online courses from various platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Treehouse, FutureLearn, etc. Our articles are written by experts who have the experience of teaching and taking courses online. Follow to get discount offers on online courses. 0
Computer Vision Solutions In this publication, we will cover the different tools that you can use in the image processing using classical methods or machine learning approachs. 0
Biome Diagnostics We are combining microbiome diagnostics and machine learning to decipher one of today’s most challenging approaches to advance personalized cancer treatments. 0
AlayaLabs AlayaLabs, AlayaCare’s R&D Department, is a strategic group that helps deliver innovation and product strategy at AlayaCare. Our goal is to leverage proven and emerging technologies to enable data driven home care agencies. 0
Backyard Programmers We are here building a community here. 0
KnowYourML We help you understand all your machine learning concepts easier and figurative. 0
Temporally Aware Deep Learning for Video Frame Classification Part of a project that uses 3D convolutional and convolutional-LSTM neural networks to classify frames in video data. 0
Vaibhav Poliwal Learning Machine Learning with my Human Learning 0
Mithril Security Mithril Security is a startup focused on confidential computing with Intel SGX. We want to provide easy to use solutions based on secure enclaves, and aim to democratize this technology through comprehensible articles. 0