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Data Science on Customer Churn Data Customer churn is a big problem in the telecommunication industry. We will use various data science techniques to get useful insight into customer churn data. We will learn different algorithms, machine learning models, and interpretation of model results. 0
Kopernikus Automotive Kopernikus offers autonomous driving solutions for production facilities and parking garages. 0
Forecast Data with Text by Multi Input and Single Output CNN+RNN Model To forecast data, we need the value y for the given date x. Now what if cases like a text is also placing a crucial role in up’s and dips of a volume (y), now the case is how do we consider the influencing text data to forecast the volume (y). 0 Musings on engineering and ai from 0
Deep learning notes Collection of personal research notes. 0
TalkHash TalkHash is a technical articles platform. Articles ranging from AWS, Python, Javascript, etc. 0
Data Science and Machine Learning by Arnab Dey Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data, and apply knowledge and actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains. 0
Genie Lab Personal data story journal by Rakesh Chintha -1
Applications of Machine Learning The authors of this publications are students at IIIT Delhi. They are passionate computer science learners having a keen interest in software development and data science. -1