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We Learn, We Grow We Learn, We Grow is a collection of critical essays and articles by Jaya Ramchandani, a lifelong learner, teacher, entrepreneur, and curator. She writes on #learning #science #philosophy #society #knowledge #natureculture and their intersections. Reach at 123
Knowledge Officer Building personalized and dynamic learning paths to help individuals reach their career goals. 120
HMH Engineering HMH Engineering builds fantastic software to meet the challenges facing teachers and learners. We enable and support a wide range of next-generation learning experiences, designing and building apps and services used daily by millions of students and educators across the USA. 108
Forethought Forethought — Looks to the future and reflects through past learning, storytelling, media and tech evangelised by Brit journalist, storyteller and senior lecturer David Dunkley Gyimah, embracing the wisdom of crowds and sharing 79
Reflective Stance Reflective Stance will highlight stories and art which explore learning, discovering, questioning, wondering, challenging through education and parenting 70
Learning Matters Written for and by inspired educators 67
WONDR Blog A helping hand for curious minds. 64
Learning Languages Ideas, tips and resources for learning languages. 55
পরিসংখ্যান পাঠশালা — From shallow to deep learning — accessible statistics and data science 49
The Educationalist A European perspective on education and technology 49
Passei Direto Product and Engineering Passei Direto is the biggest studying platform for college students. Here we share our learnings. 41
LiMiTeD Learning Marketing Technology Design 39
The Homeschool Nook All Things Homeschooling — Especially, How the Brain Learns 38
WDHB.log A blog about us and what we learn designing and delivering strategic learning programs. 33
Today I Learned a Thing Wrote an article about something you learned and just don't feel you're a part of a publication where it belongs? Look no further, fam. Want to read an article about something you never thought to learn about? Also, look no further, fam. 29