Publications tagged `LEARNING`
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পরিসংখ্যান পাঠশালা — From shallow to deep learning — accessible statistics and data science 49
Passei Direto Product and Engineering Passei Direto is the biggest studying platform for college students. Here we share our learnings. 41
LiMiTeD Learning Marketing Technology Design 39
The Learning4impact Blog The Learning4impact (L4i) knowledge collaborative is a forum for ideas and learning on public health in India. Follow us @learning4impact 23
Renaissance Men and Women Learn to expand your knowledge and your experience. Become a modern day Renaissance. We are dedicated to pushing ourselves and becoming well-rounded. Want to be a writer? Contact me at 21
WDHB.log A blog about us and what we learn designing and delivering strategic learning programs. 21
Colearn Blog A platform for educators promoting 21st century learning through new pedagogy and technology 19
Malleable Thoughts from the cloud. 19
Experience Magazine A magazine about the power of experience to open minds, change lives, and transform culture. Published by Northeastern University 18
Today I Learned a Thing Wrote an article about something you learned and just don't feel you're a part of a publication where it belongs? Look no further, fam. Want to read an article about something you never thought to learn about? Also, look no further, fam. 17
The Maths and Magic of Being Human On some of life’s marvellous mysteries, in Maths terms. 15
Acquisition of Learning Writings that seek to transmit knowledge in computer science topics 14
theTEN. Curious lists made for curious minds. 13
Educate Up to Date Read stories of innovation within the Educate community. 12
The Homeschool Nook All Things Homeschooling — Especially, How the Brain Learns 10