Publications tagged `LEARNING`
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The Learning4impact Blog The Learning4impact (L4i) knowledge collaborative is a forum for ideas and learning on public health in India. Follow us @learning4impact 16
Experience Magazine A magazine about the power of experience to open minds, change lives, and transform culture. Published by Northeastern University 15
Renaissance Men and Women Learn to expand your knowledge and your experience. Become a modern day Renaissance. We are dedicated to pushing ourselves and becoming well-rounded. Want to be a writer? Contact me at 14
Acquisition of Learning Writings that seek to transmit knowledge in computer science topics 14
Educate Up to Date Read stories of innovation within the Educate community. 12
The Maths and Magic of Being Human On some of life’s marvellous mysteries, in Maths terms. 10
theTEN. Curious lists made for curious minds. 9
thedailyclosure Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind. 8
We Will Think is a place where creative people; who want to excel in their craft; can learn about the meta-skills around marketing and business. It’s a place where real life lessons from mentors, teachers, coaches are condensed. 7
Addictive Learning Making good stuff addictive using cognitive psychology and neuroscience. 7
One Step at a Time Blog Learning Blog | Book Summaries -> Chapter by Chapter | 🙂📖🚀🌍 5
Immersive Learning Thoughts, insights and real world experiences from the world of immersive learning. Anyone involved in teaching, training or any other form of learning knows that engagement with the learner is critical. Immersive learning uses storytelling, puzzles and technology to do that. 5
Proactive Learning Learning through everyday experiences in a proactive manner. 3
Coding for Sapiens Coding for Sapiens is a human discussion group focused on coding core concepts, beyond any language, but English-speaking. We talk about design patterns, tricky algorithms, development approaches, coding styles, interfaces, user experience or anything that we can commit to git. 2
The Homeschool Nook All Things Homeschooling — Especially, How the Brain Learns 2